Dear Friends!

If you are reading this text, it means that you love Medeu and are interested in everything that happens here. You are with us! So, you are interested in the future and in the past of Medeu. It is important for us to know this, because we can come far by joining our efforts.

Our mission is to rekindle the glory of the legendary highland Medeu stadium with fast ice skating - the glory of the main landmark of Almaty, where hundreds of thousands of people have fun and recreate surrounded by the picturesque landscapes of Zailiysky Alatau.

We started with the return of Medeu's historical look. Advertising has been removed from the facade, and “temporary” commercial kiosks have been demolished. A historical signboard with the letters of traditional red color has been returned to the stele. The viewing point has been cleared. Today, the stadium looks the way the architects intended for it to look back in 1972. And this is also important, because Medeu is a sporting and architectural landmark.

Today, we want for the stadium to be in consistency with the ideas that were put into it almost 50 years ago, not only externally, but also internally. This is a truly unique facility. Medeu is much more than just a speed skating stadium. And it is undoubtedly more than just a skating rink for mass skating. Every day of our work here we devote to making this place better. Our plan is to bring the international competitions in speed skating here and to host world-class hockey games on Medeu ice, and not only in field hockey, but also ice-hockey.

Our goal is to create a high-quality infrastructure for the development of children's and popular sports. Of course, the stadium should be friendly and must be intended for those who come here every day just go ice skating for their pleasure. And Medeu services must comply with the up-to-date standards.

Everything that we have in mind should and will comply with the high quality mark of Medeu.

Let’s do it together!

Nail Nurov

Свяжитесь с нами

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