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Ice skates’ rental at Medeu Skating-Rink!
Favorable rental conditions for skates
and auxiliary equipment!


For only KZT 1000 you will get new, sharpened skates for the whole session!
If the skates do not fit, you can change them! Skates rental can be paid online
at or at the cashier along with an admission ticket.
You can also pay for your rental with an Onay Card at any skates issue window.
No need to waste time on skate rental services in the city! It is more convenient
and beneficial to do that at Medeu! Available sizes range from 27 to 47 - hockey,
figure-skating, walking and children's skates.


You can also rent a protection kit that includes helmet, knee pads and
elbow guards. Rental cost of a complete set is KZT 1000 for the entire
session. Lightweight and durable helmet protects the back of the head.
Protection of knees and elbows will relieve discomfort in case of falls.
Available sizes for children and adults. Good protection is a guarantee
of a pleasant skating experience.


We offer “assistants” for the youngest visitors of the rink
for KZT 1000 an hour - “Whales” and “Penguins”.
Adults taking their first steps on ice can use plastic “Assistants”.
Children under 14 years old also can have a ride on «Whales». It's fun!


There is a skates’ sharpening service operating in a completely new format
during this new season! Two masters will turn any skates into a work
of art in front your eyes sharpening and repairing them!
Three sharpening options are offered: “Flat-ground”, “Ditch-sharpening”
and “Double-ditch sharpening”. You can watch this fascinating process
through the window free of charge and as long as you like!


Ice Skates Rental
for 1 session
KZT 1000
Ice skates are available in sizes 26 to 47 размер. Skates are provided in exchange for caution money of KZT 5 000 per pair, or an ID document.
Set of Protection
Gear for 1 session
KZT 1000
The set includes a helmet, knee pads
and elbow guards. All sizes available
“Assistant” Rental
for 1 hour
KZT 1000
Assistant is a plastic support that can
be used by both children and adults.
“Penguin” Rental
for 1 hour
KZT 1000
Penguin is the assistant for beginner
skaters. It is heavier,but more
stable than the plastic assistant.
“Whale” Rental
for 1 hour
KZT 1000
Whale is a support for beginners,
also adapted for children’s skating.
Ditch sharpening
KZT 1000
Standard sharpening on
professional equipment.
KZT 2000
Special sharpening for
advanced skating.
KZT 1500
Sharpening for recreational
skating and children's skates.
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We will be happy to answer
any questions and to hear your suggestions.
Customer Service of Medeu ASC:
8 727 232 68 48